How to Rent

Ticket Office at the Center of Art

Contact the Scheduling and Events Coordinator

Facility Rental Process

We offer a variety of spaces to rent including several spaces inside the Center for the Arts (the Concert Hall, Lobby, Monson Grand Tier) and Harris Theatre. If you or your organization is looking to rent one of these spaces for a specific date, please submit an application to see if your date is available. Booking can begin up to a year in advance and venues often fill quickly.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

Rental Process:

1. Complete and submit the rental application.

2. Application Review: The Center for the Arts Events and Scheduling Coordinator will review your application with the Center’s calendar and contact you to verify if the requested date is available. If the date is available, we will schedule a walk-through for you to view the facility and to discuss your event. Your date will also be placed in a “Hold” status, however, the status is subject to change based on the needs of your event and approval of the total cost for the event. If you have already completed a site tour or have rented our facility before, a site visit may not be required.

3. Estimate: An estimate will be sent to you based on the application and information from your meeting. The estimate includes the base rental fee for the actual space and the production costs associated with the technical and labor needs for your event. You will have 30 days to review and approve your estimate. If it is approved, a contract will be created and sent for your review and signature.

4. Contract and Deposit: Once the contract has been signed by both parties and the required deposit has been received (50% of the base rate), your requested space will be switched from a “hold” status to a “confirmed” status.

5. Logistics Coordination: Finally, when your event is confirmed, our technical and house staff will contact you to discuss the logistics associated with your event. About a month prior to the event, the Events and Scheduling Coordinator will set up a meeting with both parties to discuss the event in greater detail. Please note that at this point, the estimate may change based on technical, house, and other needs.